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In Year 5 we have computing on a Tuesday. Most often these lessons take place in our ICT Suite or with chrome books, however sometimes we will be classroom based.

In the Autumn term, we will learn about:

  • Computer Science - what networks are, how they work and the job they do. We will even become a human computer network!
  • Esafety - ways to keep safe online, what to trust, simple rules for managing the dangers the internet can bring
  • Exploring our google classroom and Year 5 website. Also revisiting google drive and how to use it!
What could I do at home?
Why not do some of your own research into what a network is? Maybe someone in your family works in computer networking or could explain how your home network works.

How about finding out ways to keep safe online? You could make a poster, produce a prezzi or make a google slide to share with the class.

In the Spring term, we will learn about:

  • Selection in the use of programming - we will find out what selection is and use it to write programs in Scratch
  • Create Websites - we will use tools of collaboration to create our own websites, from the initial research stages to making them live. This will be linked to our work on Brazil from the Spring term!
What could I do at home?
Why not investigate what selection, abstraction and simulation mean?

You could access scratch online and brush up on your programming skills from Year 4.

With an adult's help, maybe you could find someone in your family or community who works in programming and learn more about what they do. You could even invite them to talk to the rest of the class at school.

How about visiting some different websites (with an adult's help) and writing a list about what makes them effective. This will help you when you come to designing your own website.

In the Summer term, we will learn about:

  • Web Research - we will explore different ways to conduct research on the internet and compare and evaluate the uses of these. We will find out about copyright in the use of images and how to search effectively to speed up and improve the quality of our online searches.
What could I do at home?
Why not investigate different search engines and find ones you think are most effective? Be ready to share and explain why.