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Autumn Term

Our Design and Technology curriculum in Year 5 is really exciting. In the Autumn term you will undertake a sewing project where you will get to design, make and produce your very own Mayan-inspired costume and doll.

Take a look at some of the fantastic examples below for some inspiration.

Spring Term

Design and Technology in the Spring term links to our study of Brazil in Geography. You will have the exciting opportunity to plan a menu with a Brazilian theme. You will try your hand at making you’re very own Rodizio skewers, grilled fruit and cous cous and bean salads. Whilst exploring the concept of healthy eating you will also learn key skills such as cutting, grilling and how to be safe in Design and Technology lessons. 

Summer Term

Finally, in the Summer term you will be exploring levers and pulleys as you plan, design, create and evaluate working cranes using a variety of materials. You will learn to:

· Understand what makes an effective pulley/crank system.

· Consider the best materials for making a pulley or crank.

· Practise the main skills required for making their design.

· Use a range of tools and understand the importance of safety.

· Generate a number of ideas, developing a clear idea of what has to be done and identify the main stages.

· Complete your own design, listing materials and step-by-step stages.