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In the Spring term, you will learn all about Brazil. Where it is located, its human and physical features, the weather, its phenomenal cultural diversity and of course, the Olympics! 

Do you want to find out more about Brazil at home? For fun facts and exciting information try visiting these websites:
Fancy taking on the Brazil challenge or having a go at speaking Brazil's native language? Follow the link below:

Are you interested in the incredible Amazon Rainforest? Use the website below to explore and play some interactive rainforest games.


Following on from our Stream Study trip at the end of Spring 2, you will be learning about Rivers and Water. Within this topic you will explore the water cycle (plus a trip to the sewage works!) and the features of rivers including the processes of erosion and deposition and how these affect our landscape. We will also touch on flooding and conservation of water-this includes a visiting speaker from Water Aid. 

For some interesting facts and information about rivers, have a look at the following website:

Use the website below to watch some videos about rivers.

Have a go at a river features jigsaw, a rivers word search or a fun rivers word drop game on this website: