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What will we do in school? 

We will include grammar and punctuation as part of our English lessons every day so you can develop these skills within your writing. The best thing you can do is be ambitious, practise as much as you can in school and at home and ask questions if you are not sure how to use different types of punctuation or parts of grammar - this is how your brain will grow!

To develop our sentence construction, in Year 5 we will have 'sentence of the week'. Look out for it! This will be displayed in the classroom and your teacher will introduce you to the type of sentence we are aiming to use. Try really hard to use this sentence in your written work so your teacher can spot (and reward) the proof!

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At the end of KS2, you will be given a spelling, punctuation and grammar test (SPaG) designed to assess your understanding of how the English Language works.

There are many key terms related to English grammar. A glossary of these terms is available here       

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What can I do at home?

To improve your grammar, these links are well worth a visit:

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