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In our school, taking pride over presentation is really important. We use a cursive script and have a presentation code which everyone in our school must aim to follow. Every week have a 20-30 minute lesson to practise the formation and joins of letters and numbers. How far will your handwriting take you this year? 

Our school presentation code (you can read a copy of this in the pots on your tables!)

I am proud of the work that I produce so I will always remember to:


  • Rule off my last piece of work or start a new page if there is not enough room.


  • Lay out my page using DUMTUM

    Date on the left


    Miss a line

    Title (WALT)


    Miss a Line


  • Concentrate on the quality of my handwriting.


  • Think about how best to space out my work on the page.


  • Use every page in my book.


  • Show the question I am answering by writing the number followed by a bracket e.g. 1)


  • Use one digit per square if I am writing on squared paper.


  • Keep the cover and pages of my books clean and without graffiti or doodles

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Look out for Mrs Coking's Handwriting surgery for extra tips on how to improve your handwriting style.

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Apprentice Scribes write in pencil. They:
  • Correctly form all the letters of the alphabet when printing letters, both lower case and capital
  • Form letters of the correct size and spacing
  • Produce writing which sits mostly on the line, with descenders travelling below
  • Successfully join some key letters, such as digraphs
  • Cross out errors with a pencil line, not a rubber
Scribes earn the right to write in handwriting pen. They:
  • Correctly join all letters across a range of writing
  • Form letters that demonstrate consistent size and spacing, including length and direction of ascenders and descenders
  • Maintain an even pressure on the page
  • Correct their mistakes by placing a neat line through their errors
  • Demonstrate good layout of their work, including DUMTUM with a ruler
Master scribes earn the right to write in fountain pen. They:
  • Write with a clear, fluent style
  • Use neat handwriting consistently across all areas of their work, including homework
  • Adapt their writing to a range of purposes, for example using capitals or italics