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Trips and Special Days

We know we are biased, but the trips in Year 5 are pretty terrific! Whether it is a special day at school or an off-site visit, there is so much to enjoy...

Autumn Term:
Winchester Planetarium - we will be taking part in World Space Week and learning out all satellites, moon rocks and meteorites! It is an experience out of this world!
Date for your diary: Tuesday 4th October 2016.

Sirius Astronomy Workshop - we will be taking part in a workshop exploring the history of the universe, building comets and even finding out what a roll of toilet paper has to do with the sun and the planets! 
Date for your diary:  TBC 

Mayan Day - dress up as a Mayan and take part in a Mayan-themed school day, including Mayan maths, Mayan writing and even Mayan games!
Date for your diary:  TBC

Spring Term:
Sewage Works - have you ever wondered what happens to waste water once it goes down the plughole? We'll be finding out how water is recycled so that it can be re-used.
Date for your diary: TBC

Samba Dance Workshop - linked to our study of Brazil, we will learn some techniques and moves of Samba dance and put it all together for a special performance.
Date for your diary:  TBC

Summer Term:
Hartford Stream Study - we will walk the length of the stream, from its source, to study its features.  We will also be practising our field skills - measuring the speed of the water, as well as the width and depth of the stream at different points.
Date for your diary: TBC

Bikeability - each class will have four afternoons learning skills of cycling proficiency, beginning on the school playground and then applying the skills on the road. Exclusive to Year 5 and a fantastic experience! 
Date for your diary: 5B - TBC, 5H - TBC & 5C -TBC

Fairthorne Manor - our exciting Year 5 residential trip!
Date for your diary: Wednesday 3rd - Friday 5th May 2017.